Dogs are very welcome!

Here dogs (up to a shoulder height of 40 cm) are not just allowed, they are welcome.

In our hotel we are delighted to see guests on four paws. Here man’s best friend is greeted with a little treat.

We are dog-owners too. That is why we are particularly concerned for the well-being of your dog.

Brinker Park and green spaces are only 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Your house-trained dog may of course accompany you throughout the hotel. Whether in the restaurant or in your room where of course we will provide a dog blanket and bowls for food and water.

With prior registration, your dog can stay with us for EUR 8.00 per night.
By way of security we will ask you for your credit card details.

We would ask you to register in good time and also to talk to us briefly. If you wish to bring other pets or larger dogs (above a shoulder height of 40 cm), please ask us if this is possible. We charge EUR 20.00 per night for larger dogs.