“You never leave completely…” (Trude Herr)

Contact: Mrs. Barthold

Our Restaurant Max’es offers you a pleasant and appropriate setting for your funeral reception.

Our offers:

Hot drinks, soup, canapés EUR 14.90 p.p.
Hot drinks, soup, cakeEUR 14.90 p.p.
Hot drinks, cake and canapésEUR 15.90 p.p.
Hot drinks, soup, cake and canapésEUR 17.90 p.p.

As hot drinks we serve: coffee, tea and cocoa

Soups: Consommé with add-in – tomato soup – potato soup, etc.

Cake: butter cake and plum crumble, apple cake, cherry and chocolate, cheesecake, poppyseed cake, etc.

Canapés: garnished sandwiches and rolls with sausages, roast, salmon, trout and cheese

We will of course also serve you warm dishes of your choice on request.