“You can only convince others if you are convinced yourself.”
Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824, French philosopher

We run Hotel Wegner honestly, dependably and fairly. We have a clear company structure and areas of responsibility are clearly delineated. We give our employees a lot of leeway to take their own decisions, thereby encouraging individual responsibility, commitment and loyalty to our house.

Every member of our team enjoys working in our hotel and feels at ease with us. To ensure that this remains the case, we attach great importance to selecting the right employees, and through our own commitment, understanding and honesty, we foster team spirit and a good atmosphere.

Only satisfied employees can radiate the warmth of true hospitality

Everyone in the operation bases their actions on the well-being of the guests and the benefit to the hotel. There is no doubt that the success of our enterprise results from the success of our staff. This is something we value highly.

The satisfaction and safety of our guests are particularly close to our hearts, and consequently high priority is given to constantly maintaining and modernising our hotel which results in permanent investments being channelled into our hotels.

Through the use of assessment cards, by asking directly at check-out and our high level of sensitivity in daily operations, we receive a permanent picture of guest sentiment and we can recognise where improvements are needed. These are implemented as quickly as possible. Complaints are the prerequisite for improvements, we always keep that in mind.

The “small details” especially are where we want to excel for our guests. They are what make us special and give Hotel Wegner its own character. The resulting effect should be noticeable in Hotel Wegner down to the last detail.

your Hosts

Natascha Barthold (née Wegner) & Michael Wegner & Team